CSRHub Sustainability Ratings Widget

We hope one of these Sustainability Rating widget sizes will fit the design of your web site or blog.

widget small.jpg

Small (170x200 px)

CSRHub Sustainability Ratings Widget.jpg widget full size.jpg
Teaser (300x400 px) Full size (300x300 px)


widget short and wide.jpg

Short and wide (650x100 px)


The CSRHub widget uses Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) and on-server caching to optimize its performance.  The widget can be tied to any co-brand.  


Here is a short list of the widget's features:


  • Search for any company name or ticker in our database.  The search "looks ahead" to help you find the correct company.
  • When you find a company, you will immediately see its overall rating, category level ratings, its industry, how many sources contributed data for these ratings and how many special issues affect the company.  To get even more information, you can click on the company's name and go to the CSRHub site.
  • You may also click on the company's industry, to immediately see an industry search on the CSRHub site.
  • If there is a teaser section, it may be set to show information for a country, an industry, a data source, a special issue, or for the first letter of company names.
  • You will initially see the top companies for the selected type of teaser.  If you wish to see the bottom ones, you can click on the "bottom" tab.
  • When you click on a company in the teaser section, the widget will load that company's information into the company area.  It will also indent the company name in the teaser so that you can remember which one you have inspected.
  • The initial company and the setting for the teaser box are under the control of the person who is publishing the widget.  She or he may change these settings by going to her or his group profile page on CSRHub.  On the bottom of this page there is a provisioning area, that allows the widget's content and style to be edited.
  • All company ratings on the widget are controlled by the profile of the person who publishes it.  This means that the overall rating for a company may not be the same across all instances of the widget.
  • Whenever a link takes you to CSRHub, you will see the co-brand logo and co-brand text that has been set up by the person who publishes the widget.  This ensures that a user of the widget will know which site he or she was on, when he or she used the widget.



If you are interested in adding a CSRHub widget to your web site or blog, please contact us.