Suggested ways to use advanced search

We recently created several video segments that demonstrate some of the ways CSRHub's search tool can be used. You can learn Advanced Search basics, Advanced Search using Boolean logic (searching multiple search elements), Change the List Layout, Save a Search, and Save to List. Please let us know if you have questions or other techniques for doing advanced searching on our site.

You can use advanced search to find the companies you want to research, building lists of companies, and change how your lists of companies are laid out. You can also save advanced searches so that you can use them again in the future. You can save lists of companies, your list layouts, and your saved searches with other CSRHub users.

In order to use some advanced search features, you may need to subscribe. For details of which features are available for each level of user, please see our products page.

To start setting up your search, pull down the left-most list selector--the one that is underneath the words "Advanced search." You will see a list of all the different things you can search on. For instance, "Community" allows you to specify that you only want to see companies with a Community category score above or below a certain number. "Industry" allows you to search for companies by the industry they participate in. "Text" allows you to search the names of the companies in our database--and all of the name variants we store. You can use normal search special codes (for instance, an asterisk at the front says you want to allow any characters to be present ahead of your search text and a question mark allows you to make any single character a wild card). You can also search all of the description, address, and other text information on companies by clicking the small box that appears next to the pull down, when you've chosen a text search.

You can combine search elements using boolean logic. We supply "AND," "OR," and "BUT NOT" functions underneath each search line. So, if you wanted to find companies in the UK in the Supermarket area, you would:

Build a search of geography + region = Europe + country = United Kingdom
Turn on the "AND" indicator underneath your geography search
In the second search line that now appears, put in industry + retail + Supermarkets, Food & Beverages
Click on the "Find" button.
You'll now see two companies on your list.

If you want to change how your list looks, look for the text "Select your list layout from these choices" in the green bar underneath the search terms. You can select different list layouts from the pull down list next to this text and see different data elements on your list.

To save a search, use the boxes underneath the text "Save or load a search screen." If you want to save companies you've found onto a list, grab them with your mouse and drag them down to the gray "Saved list" section, near the bottom of your screen. You can also get them down there by checking the boxes next to the companies you want to save and clicking on the "Save companies" button that is just above the search results.

Once you have companies in your Saved list section, you can save them under a list name, add them to an existing list, or abandon your list and move on. You can also retrieve a list you saved before. Sharing of lists is done most easily on the list management page. There are also pages for managing your List layouts and Saved searches.