CSRHub Deliverables

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CSRHub Annual Professional Subscriptions help Corporations:

  • Learn how to improve and raise own score
  • Check to be sure ratings are based on accurate data
  • Benchmark competitors and comparators in order to discover best practices
  • Diagnose reporting framework issues to determine reporting strategy
  • Compare underlying CSR/ESG data across many companies
  • Research supply chain companies


CSRHub Annual Premium Subscriptions help Corporations:

  • Include all features of Professional Subscription PLUS:
  • Customized Benchmark Report prepared for you
  • Recommendations on how to improve your scores and reporting
  • Receive 1 hour virtual executive presentation
  • Gain API access with 8,700 data types


ESG/CSR Business Intelligence

  • Search 18,000+ companies' ESG/CSR ratings & rankings performance
  • View aggregated data from 650+ expert sources and stakeholders
  • Benchmark 12 ESG indicators to compare your company to its competitors and peers
  • Use Dashboard customized tools to export data for analysis and diagnostics
  • Hotspot corporate and supply chain risks
  • Compare 134 industries, across 141 countries with 240 million data points


ESGHub Bloomberg app


As a Sustainable Brands Corporate Member, if you have a Bloomberg Terminal you can try ESGHub for 3 months, free. Request to see the ESGHub app in action.

ESGHub Guide 1


CSRHub co-founder and CTO, Bahar Gidwani was recently interviewed by Christine Corrado of Proactive Investors about CSRHub and the new ESGHubTM app on the Bloomberg App Portal.




See A Brief Introduction to CSRHub  

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