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"CSRHub’s sustainability metrics are the best in the business. We use it all the time when comparing companies, benchmarking, and understanding industry trends. I highly recommend CSRHub to anyone in the sustainability space!"

Kevin Wilhelm, CEO, Sustainable Business Consulting

 "In building comparable company metrics, I’ve found CSRHub’s method of integrating hundreds of CSR data sources into a single data portal to be invaluable, and is made even more powerful when paired with data from other services."

Patrick T. Drum MBA, CFA, CFP®, Portfolio Manager & Research Analyst, Saturna Capital

“As the most trusted portal for thousands of CSR-related data elements, CSRHub has been instrumental for working professionals in the sustainability field! We regularly recommend the tool to groups that are interested evaluating peer group and stakeholder perspectives for their reporting efforts.”

Nancy Mancilla, CEO, ISOS Group

"CSRHub has proven to be invaluable in developing novel coursework and in cutting-edge research that has led to discoveries about the relationship between sustainability reporting and corporate reputations and conduct."

Adam J. Sulkowski, Associate Professor, Babson College