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Here are a few quick steps to make getting started with CSRHub easier and more productive for you. 

  1. Check your email for a confirmation from CSRHub and click the link within the email. 
    You MUST click the link in the email to complete setting up your account and ACTIVATE your account properly. You may need to check other email folders than your inbox folder.
  2. You are ready to begin! To search for company ratings, simply enter a company name in the top banner throughout the site, or select Search from our menu. How-to videos for using our Advanced search feature, so you may search several factors at once, are available here.
  3. For more information on how to use the site, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, or visit our Video page.
  4. Find "use cases" that explain ways to apply our data.  Read about how CSRHub ratings are being used for benchmarking, stakeholder analysis, sustainability branding, supply chain tracking, university research and consumer behavior.