Our Widget and API


Use CSRHub's information to enrich and enhance your Web-based projects. 


Put the CSRHub Sustainability Ratings Widget into your website or blog post.

CSRHub Sustainability Ratings Widget.jpg


Give your visitors immediate access to sustainability ratings data on 17,268+ companies. See environment, employee, community and governance scores.  

Our widget uses remote procedure calls (RPC) to bring sustainability data to any web page.

Our RESTful interface can be used to create stable scripts and applications. 

Professional subscribers receive an API key that allows them to perform JSON calls on the CSRHub database. (Say those words to your development team and you'll see a big smile.) This page shows some examples of its use. Please contact us it you are interested in using this API.

Export a company list as an XML document.

You can save one or more of our companies onto a list. You can then export your list to an XML document on the Web, download it as a spreadsheet, or email it to yourself. The document will identify the profile that you used to generate your ratings. It will also be stamped with the date for which the ratings were calculated. A recipient of the list may either view it as you sent it or change either the profile they use to view the companies (to a profile they have previously created and stored on CSRHub) or the date for which the ratings are calculated (the receiving user can specify a new date).


URL Structure

Our company pages, industry pages, and geography pages all use standard and easily understood URL structures. Here are samples for each type of page:

Company = Hewlett Packard Inc.; URL = https://www.csrhub.com/search/name/Hewlett-Packard%20Company%20(HP)

Geography = Belgium; URL = http://www.csrhub.com/search/country/Belgium

State = CA; URL = http://www.csrhub.com/search/area/USA:CA

You can do any state in any country this way.

City = Cleveland; URL = www.csrhub.com/search/city/USA:Cleveland